Young happy woman with credit card using ATM


At Just ATMs USA we believe that increasing revenues is a top priority for all business owners. Studies show that 35-40% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent back at the location from which the cash was withdrawn. An ATM is an easy and fast way to increase profits and earn revenue from cash dispensing. Just ATMs USA understands the needs of your business and are experts in customizing an ATM plan that is ideal for your business.

The benefits of your new ATM will be noticed immediately.

By placing an ATM at your business, your business will be making money rather than spending money. Offering your customers convenient access to cash, your business can potentially save up to 70¢ per a transaction on debit cards and 2-3% per a transaction on credit cards. That’s money you are spending.

An ATM is an investment into your business that generates revenue without the out of pocket cost of credit card processing equipment. By implementing a convenience or surcharge fee (of $2.50 to $3.00) an ATM pays for itself, minimizes risk from fraudulent checks and credit card transactions, increases walk-in traffic, and best of all generates revenue for your business!


Our mission is to not only provide exceptional service and high quality products at a great value, but to also provide exemplary support for our customers. Our objective is to achieve success through ethical decisions boasting integrity, loyalty, and excellence.

Nationwide Network

We have been in the industry for 12 years and our processing platforms works with one of the most advanced networks available in the ATM industry. Our direct relationship with national and local networks allow for an increase in completed transactions.

High Quality Products

We carry a wide variety of top rated ATM’s making sure that you will get the exact product that your business needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand the value in good, honest business relationships. Our knowledgeable staff and tech support will make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience, providing exceptional service at every step.


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